Pizza Class

Pizza can be made in so many ways- from NYC style, Chicago, Detroit, and of course Italian style!

In this class, you and your guests will learn to make pizza dough and sauce from scratch and prep a variety of toppings to create something traditional or unique.

Either way, fresh pizza is the best pizza!

Custom Cookie Decorating

Any event theme can be emphasized with decorating shortbread cookies!


Learn techniques using royal icing with your guests and make the most Instagram/Pinterest worthy creations!

Use this class as a fun activity and provide your guests with a creative, one-of-a-kind takeaway gift.

Classic French Pastry

French Macarons, Creme Brulee, Clafoutis, Eclairs, Napoleans, Crepes, Souffle, Tarte Tatin just to name a few!


When you think of delicious pastries and desserts, we picture a quaint cafe in Paris with a shop full of these desserts on display.

Let us bring Paris to you!

Traditional French Cooking Class

Lobster Bisque, Ratatouille, Souffle, Coq au Vin, Boeuf Bourguigon and so much more!


French cuisine has set the standard for fine dining. Most chefs consider French food a crucial cuisine to master.


French food has influenced other culture's cuisine all over the world and is enjoyed by every generation.

Soul Food Cooking Class

Soul food comes from such a humble beginning with so much pride and struggles.


Arguably one of the best cuisines we have to offer in the US. BBQ, fried chicken, mac and cheese, cornbread, collard greens, peach cobbler, etc all led by a chef who was raised in the South and possesses an impressive collection of recipes passed down from previous generations.

New Orleans Cooking Class

A city with unique food influence from traditional southern, Cajun, Creole, French and Spanish. New Orleans cuisine is in a category of its own!


This city is very prideful about their food and for good reason. If you haven't traveled to The Big Easy, let this class take your taste buds there!

German Cooking Class

Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Kaiserschmarren, German Pancakes, Authentic German Potato Salad, Pretzels and so much more! 

Wear your most fashionable lederhosen* and experience the greatest food that Germany and our chefs have to offer!

*lederhosen not required to attend German cuisine cooking classes

American Comfort Food

Meatloaf, mac and cheese, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, all made from scratch!


Turn your guilty pleasure into your newest favorite meal to make at home!


Our chefs can easily create many variations on these delicious comfort foods that always seem to take us back to our childhood summer days.

Spanish Cooking Class

Learn how to make delicious tapas, gazpacho and croquettes from Spain.


Of course, it is an absolute must to learn the famous and oh so popular Paella.

Book a flight to Europe or just book a class with us if you're into the cuisine!

Seafood Cooking Class

Crab cakes, shrimp scampi, fried calamari, pan seared salmon, clam chowder, fresh oysters and so much more!

Anything seafood can and will be covered under this class section.

And they said we couldn't have great seafood dishes in the desert.

Salvadoran Cooking Class

The most delicious cabbage, pupusa, casava, and so many more delicious flavors from this popular Latin cuisine that shows strong influences from Spanish and Native American cuisines.

Have a favorite Salvadorian dish? Request it specifically from our chefs!

Vegan Cooking Class

Almost any of our classes can be adjusted to learn to make delicious vegan options!


Our classes are led by chefs who personally follow the vegan diet and are knowledgeable in preparing flavorful vegan cuisine.


This class option is open to all people whether you follow the vegan lifestyle or not.

Vegan Cooking Class

Learn to assemble the masterpiece of a Charcuterie board.


Learning about different meat, cheese, bread, fruit, and vegetable pairings has never been this fun!

This class is perfect for bringing your own wine to sip while you create and learn!

Craft Cocktail Class

Making a good cocktail is so much more then adding a liquor, soda and knowing whether to shake or stir.


Learn how to use all of your senses to make a cocktail that is truly a work of art.


Led by a team of seasoned mixologists, you'll learn the science and techniques behind making a great drink. Perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Filipino Cooking Class

Lechon, longganisa, mechado, Filipino food stands out from other Asian cuisine and is perfect for somebody who loves to be adventurous to new flavors.


This class is led by an instructor from the Philippines, so you know you're getting authentic cuisine!

Israeli Cooking Class 

The place that boasts to be the birth place of hummus!


Shakshouka, fresh Taboon bread, Kebabs, Couscous, and the list goes on!


Israeli food is unique as it is influenced by Mediterranean, Kosher, Arabic, and African food.

Greek Food Cooking Class

Moussaka, Dolma, Souvlaki, Gyros, Lamb Chops, and so many fresh flavors to be discovered through Greek cuisine.


If you are wanting a delicious and unique class that is also on the healthier side, this is the one!


Indian Cooking Class

The unique spices, creamy curry, amazing rice dishes are all able to be taught right to you and your friends!


Led by an Indian instructor, prepare to dive into the rich history and culture from India and give your taste buds the gift of new flavors.

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