Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a ticket, I agree to the following:

The Phoenix Palate and its affiliates are not responsible for personal injury or incidents including but not limited to crossing streets, losing personal items, negative reactions from food or drink ingestion, intoxication, or getting lost.

I will take the proper precautions while traveling to, during, and from my tour/class/event with The Phoenix Palate.

I understand that classes and tour will take place no matter the weather conditions and if I choose not to attend my scheduled tour/class, I will not get a refund for my ticket.

I will arrive early and stay with my group because the tours are on a strict schedule.

I understand that each tour is unique in each location we visit and eat food and drink item we sample and it is not guaranteed that I will have a personal preference for each item I sample.

The Phoenix Palate is not responsible for any outside parties including but not limited to restaurant employees, solicitors, or passersby during the tour/class.

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